Last generation

Whichever model you choose, every component has been studied in detail to bring you the latest innovations.
Maximum capacity lithium battery, a latest generation engine, pedals intelligent, three levels of support, seven speeds, LED lighting, speedometer, ... everything is there !

Original accessories

Hilltecks ​​has developed a whole range of accessories trends, clever design and compatible on all types of bikes.

Services et garanties

Customer Service 7/7

Our service meets the expectations of our reseller partners and customers using 100% of the parts are available.

Standards and safeguards

According to the French legislation, our electric bikes have been designed according to a very strict specifications in order to satisfy every demand.
Quality control is carried out during the production of our bikes as well as inspection and testing prior to packaging.
Guarantee our bikes is 2 years for the frame and 1 year for battery, charger, and chassis (excluding wear parts: brakes, tires)

Points de vente

Our strength

We distribute our bikes exclusively through a national network of professional cycle.

Notre engagement

Offer you a store nearest to you within 48 hours!

As part of an after-sales service, it is essential that your electric bike to be seen and serviced by a professional.