Inovelo of electric bikes in Hilltecks ​​Mayors


In the lounge of Mayors and Local Authorities, Hilltecks ​​reveals to local decision-makers and elected its new brand Inovelo equipped with a new assistive technology patented force sensor.

Called Intelligent Torque Sensor, this new force sensor wants to compete with the technologies offered by Bosch and Panasonic and offer assistance over acting linear function of the pressure exerted by the user on the pedal more effort on the pedal is important, more coaching will result and vice versa. Note that the sensor patented by Hilltecks ​​is symmetrical, that is to say, it is capable of acting on both pedals!

A range of 13 models

Of the folding bike city bike, Inovelo range consists of 13 models with identical electrical characteristics.

Housed in the rear wheel, the electric motor 8 Fun brand has an output rating of 250W and assists the user up to 25 km / h. Three levels of support are available: low, medium and high.

Completely revisited, the lithium-ion battery pack 36V / 9 Ah that range Inovelo team is now more compact autonomy also 50% higher thanks to the Intelligent Torque Sensor, less energy.

A self-service station

Hilltecks ​​also had a bike stand on its electrical substation specially devised to use self-service like the Parisian Vélib.

System with Intelligent Torque Sensor, electric bike used for this application has a range of about 70 km and has been specially designed for this purpose: built-in battery and secure the frame, cables not apparent …
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Rennes. Keolis will offer 220 electric bikes for rent

220 electric bikes, folding bikes 115 and 115 classic bikes will be available for rent by Keolis, effective 1 June 2013.

Rental with option of purchase

Rentals for long periods, 3 months with possibility of extension of 9 months or 1 year. Then, at the end of the lease year, they will be offered for sale at discount.

The service, in addition to the device from Vélostar, will “test, quietly, electric bike or folding bike that can ride the bus or subway, before investing,” says Guy Jouhier, Vice President Rennes Métropole in charge of transport.

€ 150 a year

If prices are different depending on the bike, Keolis ad for models with electric assistance, a fee of 75 € for 3 months rent and € 150 for a year. Star subscribers receive a discount of 20%.

Each year, the park 450 bicycles will be renewed.

Electric bikes recharged by induction Haguenau (Alsace)
The city of Haguenau engaged in sustainable development promotes travel bikes and electric bikes **, just put up the first shelter solar bicycle equipped with the induction charging! A first in France.

The shelter located at the city center, rue de la Moder, allows any rider to park and recharge their electric bike, whatever the model.

This achievement is the result of a partnership between the City of Haguenau and Sew-Usocome. The company haguenovienne developed an innovative technical solution, allowing the charging of electric vehicles (bikes or cars) without contact, through a process by induction. Innovation as the City of 36,000 inhabitants is available to all cyclists, residents and visitors, free and open.

This bike shed solar technology 100% French, can accommodate 10 bikes: 4 electric bicycles recharge classic (outlet), 2 bikes contactless battery charging 4 bikes and “traditional”.

The rider simply recharge the batteries by parking his bike on a transfer plate embedded in the ground. A magnetic field is created through the stand, allowing for the transmission of electrical energy with gaps of a few centimeters. Thus, with this system, it overcomes the connections and electrical outlets. This technology transfer energy without contact is already used for industrial applications and is now available for cycling, but also the world of the automobile.


The main technical characteristics of the solution for VAE:

Comfortable, just park. The charging process starts automatically.
Reliable in all weather conditions, with a yield important with a wireless charging system.
Insensitive vandalism thanks to the integration of active elements in the soil without visible cables and connectors.
Hidden under the coating, the installation does not alter the cityscape.
Inexpensive implementation does not require major structural work.

Photovoltaic panels – the roof of the shelter – can also produce energy that is sold to Electricité de Strasbourg. The distributor provides electricity for parallel charging of batteries.


Haguenau is the first city to be awarded the Alsatian recognition “Agenda 21”.

This award was presented in 2011 by the Ministry of Ecology, reward project quality and consistency of policies for sustainable development. City Haguenau strives for many years to implement the principles of sustainable development into concrete actions and innovative “first collective heating wood in Alsace, boiler rapeseed, ecological management of green spaces in the city, the development of municipal electric vehicle fleet, public buildings beyond environmental standards BBC, encouraging eco-activities, active support to associations, schools ”



Lorient implements service “bike”


Saturday, October 13, Lorient launches his bike.
Bikes for rent: this is what offers, from Saturday, the city of Lorient.

Bike year Oriant

Bike Oriant year. This is the name of the service bicycle hire the city of Lorient launches next Saturday. Elected officials want to promote this mode of travel “practical, economical and environmentally friendly.” The association Agora Services is responsible for the operation of the service.

Two modes rental

The service offers two methods of location: in the shop for regular needs throughout the year, self-service (two stations are located in the city) for specific needs.

€ 5 a day

The park has 200 bicycles Lorient. Three types of bikes are available: city bikes, folding or electric assist. Rate for one day: 5 € (10 € for electric bike).

Electric bikes: a new lifestyle

Why choose an electric bike to get around town? These new means of transport have recently adapted to the market and there are more and more curious who want to know what new bike.

Electric bikes: developments and advantages

Generally, the latest models of electric bike have improved hiding power system used to pedaling assistance and improving autonomy. This gives an immediate boost to every user and improves the speed of the bike. Assistance to help the cyclist pedaling ride easier and less tiring.

New electric bicycle motor is very simple.

Riding with an e-bike is as simple as riding a traditional bicycle. Maintenance is simple and it does not charge and efforts such as cars for example. With electric bikes you can forget wasting your time looking for a parking space, and you do not spend more stresserez more money unnecessarily essence. Electric bicycles are a transportation very convenient because they can be more independent and have more mobility in the city. They are perfect for seniors who have difficulty getting around and doing several things at once: to reach various destinations in your city exercise without too much effort, finding new hobbies and meet people interesting. Electric bikes can be used in a hot and humid climate with their incredible durability and water resistance of the electrical system.

One of the best advantages of electric bikes is its green side.

It does not emit toxic gases, does not pollute and do not dirty. The new electric bicycle battery recharges in less than 2 hours. The lightweight frame and motor electric bike allows you to carry your bike anywhere, and if it is a folding model even more. You can take it on vacation in the trunk of your car, in the hold of a plane or train! You can not do without and you will discover nooks in your city or in your area before you méconnaissiez.
Travelling with an electric bike will help you stay in shape and you’ll see how your health improves and how you get your mood. On the one hand you breathe better and secondly because you will not pollute your bike does not exhaust. Many families enjoy weekends for exercise and bike rides, and some are more than 40 miles away! Why do not you run in the electrical world and not you enjoy your family ride?

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Auto brands seize the vein of electric bicycles:


Many major brands in the field have chosen the development of electric bike assitance since 2009. They are betting on a market boosted particularly by public subsidies.
E-Bike is the first name that Michelin has chosen to give his first electric folding bike on sale from October 1st on the Internet. A homecoming, since 1891, was the first Michelin tire designed for bicycles. The tire specialist has joined the company Impex Isère to develop the vehicle for three years. Sold 1390 euros, it has a square tube and bumpy that “cancels the effects of a puncture” and is positioned on a mid-range product segment at prices ranging between 800 and 3000 euros.

It sold 30,000 electric bikes (VAE) in France in 2011, for a total of 3.2 million cycles passed and the first half of 2012, the bicycle category “urban mobility” which includes the VAE, increased 3.5% according to a recent report by the National Council of Professions Cycle. Revenue up 60% per year and in May 2011, the chairman of CNPC assured that this was “the product the fastest growing bike market” since 2008. “The offer is very diverse and the demand for electric bikes is strong,” confirms Frédéric Dumas, manager of the brand Freemoos specialist Paris this type of two wheels. Unquestionably, the electric bike market is booming and many brands have smelled the vein.

In addition to the segment leaders such as Matra, Sparta, Batavus and Gitane, signs of automotive choose to develop their electric bike. Volkswagen, for example, released his E Bike from 2010, Smart sells its own two years VAE concession available since 15 September 2012. Peugeot launched the Hybrid H2B in November 2009.

25% of the purchase price paid by local

Several factors favor the sales of this type of bike. From a technical standpoint, the electric bicycle is now mature. Batteries are more efficient, give some autonomy up to 150 kilometers. “The VAE is democratized, the models are now more reliable than before,” confirms Communications Manager Decathlon France, Jean-Jacques Manceau.

The action of certain local authorities wishing to support the ecological modes of transport also contributes to essort market. Many urban communities such as Lyon, Nice, Nantes Rodez or subsidize the purchase of a new electric bike by an individual, usually 25% of the purchase price. In Paris, this offer ends on November 2, Lyon is valid until January and Toulouse, came into force on 20 September for a period of three years. 6130 such subsidies were granted between November 2009 and August 2012 in the capital.

The increase in transportation costs including fuel prices also encourages residents of urban and peri-urban areas to use the bike rather than the car.

Those who remain reluctant to abandon their traditional bicycle, “kits” to electrify existing two-wheeler! Average cost 1800 euros, this type of device – especially marketed by BionX – includes a wheel motor, a battery, a control panel and wiring required for installation.

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Electric bicycle: or how to ride without getting tired.

An electric bike (VAE), but what is it exactly? What differentiates a scooter? What benefits can it really make?

Offense to some, this bike is not an object for lazy … although the presence of an engine is easy to go faster and be less tired, you should always ride a minimum. The small motor bike is, as its name implies, a pedaling assistance process, a catalyst.

With this futuristic bike, there is no question of bursts of speed! Assistance do not allow in principle to go beyond 25 km / h to comply with the law … but for bikes that have the ability to make you drive faster than 40km / h, registration and helmet is mandatory: do not play with your safety.

What are the benefits?

If you are environmentalists at heart, this bike will meet your expectations because they do not emit any pollution, unlike mopeds!

The bike runs on a battery that can provide forty kilometers of autonomy. The use of APL is ideal to get underway, training, work, or to offer a little stroll sports.

The small battery is charging plug: saving time and savings are waiting for you.

What are the disadvantages?

Women fragile physical menus, attention: the bike is heavy and did not mania as his cousin non-electric.

What price?

On the internet you can find low prices from 500 euros. This is certainly an investment, but that will prove quite profitable because at the end you only have to recharge your battery electrically to move forward.

Then you let yourself be tempted?



Tel Aviv will offer rental electric cars


The electric Renault Twizy. Photo (DR)
ISRAEL. Municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo is in talks with French automaker Renault SA and its Israeli distributor Carass Motors Ltd. for the establishment of an infrastructure for electric cars that will work on urban same model as the bike rental project Tel Aviv “Tel-O-Fun rental.” As Vélib ‘in Paris, it will soon be possible to rent around Tel Aviv, Renault Twizy two-seater. The project also includes recharge centers that will be built and managed by the Israeli Better Place Inc.., Which will be able to fulfill the three-vehicle batteries at the same time.


Martial Bourquin, Senator-Mayor Audincourt and Vice President of the Urban Community of Montbéliard, reported on his-many-initiatives, but also social and environmental beliefs. With a viaticum: the supply policy which change attitudes.

What is the specificity of Montbéliard, which is among the examples of urban communities invested in eco-mobility?

Firstly, with the historical presence of manufacturers and suppliers in the area, we can say that Montbéliard is the country of the car! But at the same time, we are committed very early in a strategy to build an eco-town. But our uniqueness lies in the fact that we have a vast space which, unlike most other urban communities, is not structured around a large central city. Such we are a real conurbation and the issue of mobility is therefore crucial.

Among the many initiatives you have undertaken, which ones you would put forward?

For several years now, we have implemented a network of trails 90 km network that is part of an overall policy to promote alternative modes. We will still denser stations electric bikes in the future. Also we promote green vehicles, rolling vehicles such as FAM F-City example. 25% of our population having no vehicle, we also attach particular attention to transportation. That will be the big issue in 2013. In addition, we seek to stimulate innovation and we have created a platform for innovation at the regional level. Finally, we develop many service offerings: carsharing service map intra-agglomeration for short trips, multimodal including buses, electric bikes and VE.

Prosaically, how does this multimodal?

The map allows you to use the service is free and only courses are charged. This card gives therefore access to buses, bicycles and vehicles, the latter being self-service and equipped with a GPS system, a starter kit and a hands-free automatic locking device. This service meets already over 1000 people and is expected to evolve, expanding to other areas. It will therefore also change in the near future of legal structure.

We regularly hear that such initiatives are very expensive, what is it exactly?

The cost of course is not negligible, but keep in mind that these initiatives are at the service of people and they are part of a comprehensive policy and live better for the environment. The first year for the implementation of this service, the cost was 263 000 euros. This year, the operating budget was 68 000. It may be recalled that the ADEME supported us at 35 000 euros.

You mentioned a major project on transport, what is it?

It is for the BRT Bus with High Level of Services. This represents a budget of around € 100 million and major decisions will be ratified soon. This network includes a highly innovative hybrid tram and a renewal of our bus fleet, via a tender for hybrid buses. The goal is to densify our transport to avoid the need for a second car in the homes of our city. A longer term goal is to reduce CO2 emissions significantly, to reduce pollution in the city center and to prevent adverse effects of pollution on public health. This is a societal issue. We have no choice, we must care about the environment of our planet. Look at the terrible effects of global warming, floods, tornadoes, etc.., To understand that this is not an empty word.

“Avoid the need for a second car in the homes of our city” … Is it well received by players cars in your area?

I do not think it’s a problem, because everyone is aware of the importance of respecting the environment today. And I would put willingly highlight the German model, countries automotive excellence. If the Germans love their car is for long journeys. But for short trips, other methods are widely used, such as cycling, for example. In sum, the terms of the comments are not necessarily contradictory.

Relation to the environment, your conurbation is part of the locomotives in France. Feel for all genuine national on this subject, at a time when budget constraints will additionally increase?

With the crisis, there is indeed a risk to the environment is secondary. But it would be a fundamental error! In fact, we are experiencing a structural crisis, the proof is that it lasts. Therefore, there is a need to think of new models and a new economy with the energy transition in the background. In these new models, the car of the future, let us be clear. Moreover, the French manufacturers are making great efforts in this direction, but they should, in my opinion, do more. Especially as the winners of tomorrow will be manufacturers who will best met the environmental challenge.

They accept your fellow easily these new services and manage to fully take ownership?

Apart from the young and seniors who no longer want to take their car in downtown and want to go even during the week, it is true that there is a cultural barrier. We know the inertia of habit and the difficulty in understanding a new vision of society. However, when supply is available, attitudes are changing very quickly! The use is predominant. This is indeed the policy which offers changing attitudes!

In this mutation, new technologies, including communicating interface that smartphones are, they do not constitute a great opportunity?

I agree completely in that direction. And I insist on the fact that a policy eco-friendly, it does not backtrack. Therefore, the support of new technologies is valuable and necessary. Especially as service offerings will become increasingly personalized. Our “a la carte” is clearly in that direction.

At the vehicle level, taking into account the budgetary reality, your preference is rather hybrids or EV?

Currently, the hybrid offers some advance. The VE is ideally zero emissions, zero noise, but it is still expensive. However, products are changing very quickly and things can change quickly. And I repeat that the role of manufacturers is crucial in this field. It is their job to stimulate supply, knowing that this is what moves the lines. In addition, the famous upscale through the environment. This applies to the automobile as for transport, Bus with High Level of Services being the best example.

Impossible to be exhaustive on these broad topics … Therefore, what would be your final word?

Unknowingly, this crisis very difficult, we are changing society. When we realized this, two alternatives: either we undergo this change and either is it actively participates. If we seek the best of ourselves, I am convinced that we can live a crisis at the top, laying the foundations of a sustainable society. This is what we need to younger generations.

Article written for the Newsletter electric vehicle – Collaboration Avere-France – Journal of Automobile


Rouen after the fire: the little queen boosted

Posted Wednesday, November 21, 2012 at 7:39

BRIDGE. With the closure of Mathilde, each has its tricks. Bicycles and scooters, including electric, are popular.
In Rouen, this bike is that over the cars … (photo Boris Maslard)

Since October 29 and the bridge closure Mathilde, each implements its alternative routes, invents his tricks to spend as little time as possible in traffic. Contacted a few days after the terrible fire, renters and sellers of bicycles or scooters had clearly not been the first reaction of motorists (Paris-Normandie November 1).
In recent days, in Eco2roues, the machine is switched on. “Everyone talks about the closure of the bridge, this is a must,” says Sylviane Mahieux cogérante company located 12 avenue de Bretagne. “We feel a real demand, mainly on sales of electric bikes. “In this regard, sales registered an increase of about 30%.

Locations down

However, the bridge closure had no effect on bike rentals. “We believe that sales are related to the granting by the Crea a bonus of € 300 for the purchase of a new electric bike. “At Scootlib Avenue de Caen, rental scooters have not yet experienced the frenzy expected. Far from it. “The weather did not favor us, it’s winter. In March, the problem would have been different, “said the manager, Logan Thafournel. Nevertheless convinced that renting scooters is one of the solutions to traffic congestion, the manager said he would “revisit rates down to better meet customer needs.”
Crea always offers its electric bicycles for rent. In one week, thirty were leased, and twenty folding bikes. “There is still some bikes to rent,” says Crea who just placed an order for bicycles “to meet the growing demand.” Premium to encourage the purchase of electric bikes is still valid. Two conditions have hired at least one least one electric bike to Crea then mount a file request. The bonus is 30% of the bike, capped at € 300. And for those who want to buy a folding bicycle, which can easily pair the car to bike, agglomeration offers the same system (capped at € 150). Crea has already awarded 106 grants for electric bikes and folding bikes for ten.



Initiative. Your business will be able to pay for cycling


Cycling in the city is not so easy … Photo Archive South West Lawrence Theillet

The good news of the week (because there was one!) You probably missed: the Senate has passed this Monday, November 12, on first reading an amendment that finally creates several compensation schemes for employees who drive to cycling through the vote of the Finance Bill Social Security (PLFSS).

Cycling in the city, it is not so easy …

In town, the bike is good for your health and for the planet. Because cycling is also moving, save oil, the fight against global warming by reducing CO2 emissions, automobile traffic flow, congestion buses and trams at peak … Certainly. But also break habits, fatigue advantage in transit or car, cold weather, snow, rain or hot weather, motorists bad hair, the trucks, buses and trams sometimes dangerous, careless pedestrians, two-wheelers buddies sometimes unconscious, and in some cases, potholed roads well. Not to mention bike lanes incorrectly positioned, where the risk of him flying at any time if a motorist carelessly opening his door. Where even the complete absence of any track or bike lane.

The Senate amendment that rewards

Cycling in the city to go to work, it is not so simple. And above, except the personal satisfaction derived from it by marking its commitment to the planet and discovers the pleasure you exercise, it is not really rewarded the effort is pedaling. .. But that was before. Before the Parliament takes the issue seriously leaning on the case of those employees bike that make ecology in everyday life and still struggling sometimes different but equally that motorists stuck in traffic jams.

Employers will bear the expenses of employees cycling

This amendment allows employers to bear the costs incurred by employees traveling by bicycle between their residence and workplace in the form of mileage bike. It takes one of the recommendations of the national cycling presented at national meetings of the 1st cycle 26 January 2012: the creation of a mileage allowance may be paid by the employer to encourage employees to travel by bike, on the model of that exists in Belgium since 1999 where it is set at 20 cents per kilometer. Such compensation is of course optional.

Avoid penalizing companies

To encourage companies to implement this bicycle mileage allowance, the amendment gives them a reduction of social security contributions in the limit of an amount to be determined by decree. It may be combined with the refund of subscription transport.

Cycling treated as the car